Tuesday, 6 April 2010

06/04/10 DAY 9

Buy in:
400m run
10 sit ups x 2
Bear Crawl x 2
10 double unders x 2
10 empty bar thrusters x 2

Skill: HSPU (3 x 5 decline HSPU - 3 x 3 assisted HSPU)

1) AMRAP 400m run then max burpees
2) AMRAP 400m run then max 19kg DB thrusters
3) AMRAP 400m run then max 19kg DB jump squats

Will - 16/15/23

Notes: Make sure you get head to ground for decline HSPU, chest to ground for burpees and watch out for that back bend on the jump squats. Try to get your hamstrings parallel with the ground by sticking your bum back and sinking down, keeping that back as tight and neutral as possible.

Things to work on:
1) Squatting to parallel
2) Chest to ground press ups
3) Decline handstand push ups

John ;)

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